When an in-class assignment during a study abroad semester turned into a real world project, nine students set their sights on traveling to Africa to implement a curriculum they had been creating. They worked with primary school students at the Bambakofi Academy. Bambakofi is a boarding school started and funded by a Swiss nonprofit, ATKYE.

​The Kenyan school system, like numerous other educational systems is broken in many ways. Although primary school is offered to all children, classes typically average 135 students per teacher. Secondary schooling comes at a price; a cost for most families that is beyond their reach. ​For these kids, education is their only key to a better life. Most of the kids come from mud and stick huts with very few possessions. They are lucky to eat one meal a day and water is scarce.

​The Taaluma Project was created as the tool to create change. Education is a foundation in America, but for most in Kenya it is an unattainable privilege. The Taaluma Project will change this. We need to raise 60,000 dollars a year to fund the graduating class of Bambakofi through secondary school for four years.


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